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Yogi Magee | Fitness Headshot Photography

Hi everyone! We have an extra special post today! I thought it might be fun to do an interview and hear more about the headshotee (did I just make up a word?) Natalie is a yoga instructor, hiking, canoeing, beer supporting, retreat creator living in Denver. In addition to all of those amazing things she is a super cool mom and wife. I had such a fun time photographing her and creating awesome images that she can use in her life and business.

Yoga headshot on white
yoga stretch headshot
Why did you need headshots?
As a yoga instructor every studio I teach at asks for a headshot and bio for their website. I realized that every photo I had of me either had my family in it or was taken haphazardly on a mountain hiking. My own website was full of yoga photos but none with just my face. I wanted people to associate my face with my name not just with my body or a blurry landscape.
What is Yogi Magee expeditions?
Yogi Magee Expeditions is a small business combining my two passions of teaching yoga and pushing people inside the studio with outdoor adventures. From local day hikes and long weekend retreats to international expeditions I give people unforgettable experiences and connect them with like-minded individuals. When I’m not in the great outdoors I teach at several local studios in Denver and bring yoga and boot-camps to corporate clients. My passion is pushing people beyond what they think is capable and Yogi Magee Expeditions has allowed me to travel the world doing so.
How will you be able to use these images in your business?
Instagram is huge for my business and the majority of my clients find me via social media. Being able to present myself in a professional manner to garner their trust is important and these images will allow me to do just that. Not only that but I will have images for my website and to post on flyers for my retreats and boot-camps. The fitness and wellness industry centers around image and if I can present photos where I look healthy and energetic it will boost my business.
What was your experience in your session, Were you comfortable, did you have fun? 
Absolutely! I know how to pose in the outdoors but being inside a studio is a different ballgame. Laura made me feel relaxed and comfortable and the result is images that capture my personality instead of looking posed. I can’t remember the last time I had a photo of myself taken that wasn’t a family photo and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’d highly recommend Laura to my other yoga teachers who might take for granted how a good photo could elevate their following!
fitness headshot Denver yoga teacher headshot
Fun info..
I run yoga retreats year round and the next upcoming event that isn’t quite sold out yet, is my Glamping Retreat. I like to take the intimidation out of camping for women and introduce them to the elements in a unique way. This retreat includes meals, yoga, a yurt stay, adventure hikes and hot springs soaking. If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a yurt, make new friends, and explore the surround area of the Great Sand Dunes National Park than this retreat is for you! https://www.wetravel.com/trips/glamping-retreat-yoga-yurts-hot-springs-natalie-magee-moffat-42841117

Get on Natalie’s mailing list so you don’t miss an event! Info@yogimagee.com website is yogimagee.com

or follow her, fb: @yogimageellc or Instagram @yogimagee

yoga teacher fitness photographer

I had such a fun shoot with Natalie and can’t wait to catch one of her classes!

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