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Professional Branding Headshots | Katy Denver Headshots, professional branding, updated headshot. Katy’s last headshots were in college. Longer hair, fresh glasses and a new job, it was time to update them. She wanted something that was contemporary and classy. We decided to do environmental headshots on location. WeWork studios was the perfect place. It gave […] Read more...

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women headshots in studio

Yogi Magee | Fitness Headshot Photography Hi everyone! We have an extra special post today! I thought it might be fun to do an interview and hear more about the headshotee (did I just make up a word?) Natalie is a yoga instructor, hiking, canoeing, beer supporting, retreat creator living in Denver. In addition to […] Read more...

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2016 Headshot Photographer, Denver I had so much fun with headshots this year! Creative branding heashots, website headshots for businesses, digital group portraits, in-office portraits, corporate headshots, and environmental portraits, oh my. I had so much fun looking through my event work from 2016 I decided that I needed to do the same with headshots! […] Read more...

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